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How a leading trade hardware supplier saves hours with our Floor Comparison Tool

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

As a busy Truss and Frame Estimator at a national trade hardware supplier, for Justine Adam efficiency and accuracy are paramount.

Our client's estimates are produced from a preliminary set of plans to help them understand the full cost of a project. When the final set of plans come in, it’s important for Justine and her team to have a clear picture of any changes that have been made so they can re-price if necessary. In the past, the only way to manage this was to have both sets of plans on two screens and manually compare. Depending on the complexity of the plans, this could be time-consuming, and an ineffective use of time if there are indeed no changes to quote.

Plan comparison with one click BEDC's Floor Comparison Tool has changed the game for Justine. At the click of a button, it compares sets of plans and clearly identifies what has changed. She simply sets the program and lets it run in the background while she gets on with other tasks. When the comparison is complete, Justine receives an email letting her know.


“It’s a massive time saver for us. The Floor Comparison Tool picks up if anything has changed with dimensions and drawings and makes it very simple and clear to understand what the changes are. Our efficiency has improved significantly since we’ve been using it - we are literally saving hours.”


More accuracy, less time and cost Previously, checking and comparing plans could take up to an hour and usually had to be double checked by a colleague to minimize the risk of human error. Furthermore, if external estimators were utilized and the comparison resulted in a minor cost change (for example $20), the cost of the estimate would far exceed the increase in quote, making the process not only inefficient but also not cost effective.


“The tool also makes our accuracy heaps better, which is fantastic. It’s absolutely perfect for quoting.”


Our Floor Comparison Tool can help save you money and time while increasing accuracy Building Engineering & Design Co is the only company globally offering a tool that can automatically compare variations to original plans and clearly highlight drawing and measurement changes.

Don’t get left behind! Talk to us today to find out more about how our estimation technology is changing the game for our clients, enabling them to turn around estimates with greater speed and a higher level of detail and accuracy than anyone else.


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