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Peace of mind for a leading frame and truss manufacturer

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Carmel Francis is a Structural Engineer at a leading frame and truss manufacturer. It’s her job to draw the layouts for the company's products that are to be used in her clients’ projects, based on the plans they provide.

Carmel and her team will be sent an initial set of plans to provide preliminary layout drawings. Changes to finalized plans are not always communicated, so Carmel must compare plans to see if they have changed and revise the drawings accordingly. This is an important step in the company's layout and estimation process as any errors or omissions can impact the profitability of the job.

Carmel previously undertook the plan comparison process manually - a process that can be time consuming, especially if the final plan has no changes, which meant the comparison was undertaken unnecessarily and used up time that could have been focused on other tasks.

Increasing accuracy and efficiency with Building Engineering & Design Co's Floor Comparison Tool Carmel and her team were one of the first BEDC clients to use the Floor Comparison Tool. Being able to input the pages they want to compare and having any changes identified enables Carmel to use her time more effectively.


“It saves us time and it’s more accurate than a human. The tool clearly identifies if there are any changes or if indeed the plans are the same. It gives me peace of mind that there is no human error and frees me up to do other tasks.”


Having used the tool for some time now, Carmel and her team have “strong confidence that the tool is very accurate.”

Great service and a responsive team Carmel also enjoys the service and communications she has with the Building Engineering & Design Co team.


“I find the BEDC team really responsive and easy to work with. If we have feedback, they take it on board and implement the changes we request quickly. They are a great technology partner to have.”


Our Floor Comparison Tool can help save you money and time while increasing accuracy Building Engineering & Design Co is the only company globally offering a tool that can automatically compare variations to original plans and clearly highlight drawing and measurement changes.

Don’t get left behind! Talk to us today to find out more about how our estimation and detailing technology is changing the game for our clients, enabling them to turn around estimates with greater speed and a higher level of detail and accuracy than anyone else.


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