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Two to more than 250 in just three years! The growth of our Manila team

When we first established the BEDC estimation team in Manila in mid 2020, it consisted of two employees, a couple of laptops, and a vision to revolutionize the frame and truss design process. Fast forward to today and we’re about to move our 250+-strong team into the ex-Capital One building in Manila, with expansion rights for two more floors. This is a fantastic building in a great location and sets our business up for our next phase of growth.

New team, new skills, and Covid… We created the Manila team right as Covid made itself known to the world. “Timing”, you might say. Establishing a brand-new team in the middle of a pandemic wasn’t without its challenges. For starters, we had the ins and outs of setting up teams of people to service particular geographies, but also had to onboard and set them up to work from home. We needed to remotely train and develop the skills of our people to be knowledgeable in the nuances and standards of each market we operate within, while at the same time building a culture and a business! We have also established an HR team to care for our people.

Here we are today with growing teams servicing our clients in the US, New Zealand, and Australia across two shifts. Our Manila team has not just grown in size, but also capability. Where we started out providing frame and truss design services, we now have people skilled in detailing, design, pricing, and consents. And, as our business has expanded, so too has the capability of our incredible AI-based software, which supports our people in delivering our services.

A talented team Our team in Manila is composed of a bunch of talented Civil Engineers – some with experience in the field, and others who have recently graduated. They are led by our highly skilled managers Michael, Melanie and Jeanne, and supported by our wonderful Eva in HR.

Our team goes through a robust selection process (our HR team reviews 5 - 7 CVs a day!) and successful applicants then move into a rigorous training program with a focus on timber frame structures, the market standards applicable to the country they’ll be servicing, and our software. Our training is hands-on and continuous, establishing robust knowledge that ensures the highest quality outcomes for our clients.

As we prepare to move into our new office space in about a month’s time, we’re looking forward to having the extra room and facilities at our fingertips, including seven training rooms, a larger office for the team to work, a stunning pantry and even a games room for some time out during the workday.

And we’re really only just getting started Our mission has always been to disrupt traditional building estimation and design by driving efficiencies and value for the construction industry using our leading-edge technology. With the growth and upskilling of our team in Manila and continuous evolution of our technology, we are achieving our mission more and more every day.

To hear more about how BEDC can power your business success, reach out to our team today.


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